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For nearly 40 years, Omni has worked with local, regional, and national partners to develop and manage over $4 billion in investment real estate as principle, paying above average returns to our investors in the process. Omni’s current portfolio is inclusive of 22 Lifestyle Living Communities at various stages of operations or development, with a total of 3,030 units and a stabilized market valuation of approximately $1.02 Billion. Omni has successfully raised capital through six real estate funds, to provide the equity for our new communities. Our private equity assets under management are nearly $100 million to date and continues to grow with the current project pipeline.

Our Experience

As a highly experienced and successful property developer of Age Targeted Lifestyle Communities & Senior Housing in the US Midwest, and the largest in Northeast Ohio, Omni provides best-in-class services to its residents through a smart living approach. This includes technological innovations, integrated services and amenities, a focus on wellness, university partnerships, enrichment programs, and a vital social experience. We continue to set VITALIA® & The V Living Experience apart by actively listening to our residents to provide preferred amenities and programs. This significantly enhances the quality of life for our beloved residents as they age by providing environments and experiences that foster purpose, growth, health, and fulfillment.

Our Vision

With a vision for superior, technologically advanced communities, Omni is completely disrupting the Senior Living industry. Our approach is an innovative approach to age-targeted lifestyle communities creating a standard of excellence that others in the industry replicate, thereby having an exponential impact on the wellbeing of thousands beyond VITALIA® & The V Living Experience.

With extensive experience in the industry and the scalability of the product and programing, Omni’s VITALIA® and The V Living Experience brands are poised to continue expanding beyond Northeast Ohio, New York, and Michigan.

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